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White Guide

White Guide is a restaurant guide that yearly tests nearly 800 restaurants in Sweden. The guide can be purchased as a book or you can download their app. White Guide also presents the best restaurants every year at a big gala event in Stockholm.

The restaurants are judged on a scale of 1-100 points and 4 different parts are considered: food (0-40 points), beverage (0-20 points), service (0-25 points) and environment/mood (0-15 points). 

Restaurants in White Guide

A successful restaurant visit consists of many components. In White Guide the quality of the food, drink, service and atmosphere is assessed. In Lund, there are six restaurants that have managed to get into the White Guide's list.

Welcome to Lund and enjoy really good food!


Cafés in White guide

A successful visit to a café consists of many components. In White Guide Cafe, the quality of beverages, baked goods, service and environment and atmosphere is assessed.