Things to do

Examples of guided tours

Agnes i Lund

Guided walking tours exploring Lund’s cultural history that suit your group’s special interests.Tailored biking tours, discovering Lund and it’s surroundings. Why not experience Lund through Culture jogging. Culture jogging can be a great activity after a long conference day or as an add-on to a health themed inspiration day.


Ghosts and other oddities in Lund

Everyone likes a scary story about ghoulish ghosts and macabre murders. Enjoy a different tour of Lund’s centre,  one where you hear about our ghosts, murders, massacres, weirdos  and other odd events in Lund’s history.

Lund Legends

Learn more about the legendary people that have lived and worked Lund through the years: August Strindberg, Sam Ask, Brunios, Helgo Zetterwall and many more. This tour takes you to the places where they lived, worked, and even uncovers a few scandals.

The Horror trail

Have you heard of the scary TV series about murders in Skåne? What really happened? This bus tour takes you to the three most renowned cases in Hurva, Veberöd, and Esarp. You will hear all about what happened, and where it happened. We’ll tell you much more about Skåne’s history on the way.

Ut i Natur

Awaken your senses and discover the local countryside. Taste, see, feel, and hear what Skånes landscape and culture has to offer.

Guided tours combines learning about local plant life with popular beliefs and legends. Suitable for 5-15 people. Experience nature through your senses in a playful and curious way. Suitable for up to 20 people.



One of the oldest stud farms in the world, dating back to the 12th century, is in Flyinge, just 15 kilometres from Lund. In 1661, Flyinge became a public stud under the initiative of King Carl X Gustav. Since 1983, Flyinge is owned by the Flyinge Foundation and its activities breeding, sports, education, veterinary medicine, and events. Flyinge is open to visitors every day between 9am and 4pm.



Team building, staff events, trainings or kick-offs  -  the Vattenhallen Science Centre offers inspiration, creativity, and new challenges for your staff or business partners.

Book either a 5 or 7 event competition or enjoy one of our shows. All shows take about an hour and you can book the following: 

Thunder, Chemistry, Light, Holography, Geology, Biology



Jump onto a Buda Velocipede, an old fashioned track inspection cycle, and enjoy a true nature experience. This is an environmentally friendly adventure in the beautiful surroundings of Romeleåsen from Björnstorp to Veberöd. The countryside varies from deep forests to open plains overlooking the beautiful Skåne landscape.



Bollhuset, Bowlinghallen, Fasanvägen 2,227 32  Lund

Phone: 046-35 52 01

Lund’s bowling alley has 12 high quality lanes. They are wheelchair accessible and include automated scoring. The lanes offer bowling for children. The bowling hall is non-smoking and alcohol-free. It’s a great place for children, teenagers, families, people with special needs, retirees, and groups. Buy coffee, soft drinks, cakes, sausages, and burgers from the cafe.


Play golf on four different local courses, each with their own special character. Click on the links below to check out their websites.

Lunds akademiska golfklubb

Romeleåsens golfklubb

Värpinge golfbana

Assartorps golfbana

Horse riding at Sleipnirs fields

On the fields of Sleipnir you can experience nature from the very best of perspectives – sitting on an Icelandic horse. Old or young, beginner or advanced rider – there is something exciting for everyone to choose from. Training or just a pleasant tour, it’s up to you.Ride across the beautiful forests and fields around Björntorps Castle. Discover the beauty of  Romeleåsen from red deer paths and winding roads, and enjoy a gallop through the forests. Read more


Looking for an efficent way of team building?

Shepherding is a group development method that requires communication skills, strategic planning and problem solving. Within a few seconds the sheep will find out the groups strengths and weaknesses and adjust themselves to them – or not. While working in the field the group has to solve different levels of shepherding depending on their goal for the day. In between every task there will be time for reflection with a strong focus on good solutions. Shepherding takes place at Häckeberga, which offers adjoining conference facilities and accommodation. Read more