A guide to vintage & second hand shops in Lund

Tant Hulda: Enjoy the lovely, slightly crazy, things from a bygone era. Clothes and accessories from past decades, quality yarns and inspirational designs for your own projects. 

Erikshjälpen: Full of unique merchandise, the store has been in the heart of Lund for more than 20 years. Find clothing, furniture, books, figurines, and more at prices that are easy on the wallet, and where your money goes to a worthy cause.

Humana: The place to find a well-stocked range of vintage from the 90s and earlier. Find designer clothes and combine them with Dr. Martens, 70s dresses, silk blouses, Levi's 501s and denim jackets, flannel shirts and platform shoes. The range is seasonal and new goods arrive in store every day. 

Emmaus: Second hand shop in central Lund focusing on recycling and solidarity. Find furniture, clothes and gadgets. 

Uggleboden: Buy useful gadgets at a great price. Figurines, glass or plant pots. Women's, men's, and children's clothes, accessories, footwear, textiles and much more. 

Fyndkällaren (Bargain Basement): This bargain basement is exactly what the name suggests, a basement filled with bargains.

HepCat Store: Music, clothes, books, accessories in retro style, swing, rockabilly, 50s.