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Bicycle in Lund

Biking in Lund is a great way to get around and see the city. There are plenty of bicycle paths throughout Lund and nearby municipalities, you can find these online at, or collect your free bicycle map at Lund Tourist Center. If you need to pump your bike you can find the nearest pump at

On Lund municipality's website,, you can find information about bicycle auctions, rules and regulations, bike parking and more. You can read more about biking in Sweden on the Swedish Bicyclists Society's website, Svenska Cykelsällskapets and at Cykelfrä

Rent a bicycle

If you want to rent a bike, you can visit the bicycle store Fridhems Cykel on Bredgatan 32, where you can also rent helmets. If you're only going for a short spin, you can rent Lundahojen, which you can ride for 30 minutes before parking it at a bicycle station. Read more on their website. Many accommodations in Lund offer bikes to use for free or at a smaller fee. Ask when you make your booking!